Algorithms and Competition - from reports to action?
06 February 2020

19.00h (by teleconference / in-person)(CET) - 20.30h (cocktail to 9pm)


Dr. Etienne Pfister, Chief Economist

Autorité de la Concurrence

Dr Sebastian Wismer, Head of Unit

Digital Economy (G8)

By teleconference
In-person: Renaissance EU Hotel
Rue du Parnasse, 19
1050, Brussels
CPD:Accredited for 1.5 hours CPD (UK SRA)
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On 06 November 2019, the Bundeskartellamt and l’Autorité de la Concurrence published a joint study on the competition risks resulting from the use of algorithms (‘the Study’).

The Study concludes that so far the current EU antitrust law framework (Article 101 TFEU) allows competition authorities to address any competition concerns around algorithms.

In particular, the Study outlines three factual scenarios where antitrust concerns might arise, offering guidance to companies where to focus their compliance efforts.

The Study also examines how the two agencies might investigate cases involving algorithms and the kind of evidence they might collect.

Emphasising the need for accountability and “compliance by design”, the Study deals not only with algorithms’ specific (market-related) applications (e.g. in pricing), but also with the underlying data used as input for running algorithms and their significance in the context of artificial intelligence.

The chapter entitled 'Practical challenges when investigating algorithms' sets out some of the questions agencies could ask companies in future investigations.

Join us for this first
'Chatham House rule' in-person / webinar discussion with Dr. Etienne Pfister and Dr. Sebastian Wismer of the Study’s description of the impact of algorithms on competition and its implications for competition law.

List of participants (updated 05 February)

'Joint Working Paper 'Algorithms and Competition' and Executive Summary (06.11.19)

G7 'Common Understanding on competition in the digital economy' Paris (18.07.19)

German Data Ethics Commission proposals for risk-based regulation of algorithms October 2019

'Algorithms and collusion' Report of the German Monopolies Commission (03.07.18)

'Platforms-to-business relations' W.Stengg, European Commission, Brussels Matters (16.05.18)
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