Competition, policy & digital autonomy - the Chief Economist's view?
30 January 2020

19.00h (by teleconference / in-person)(CET) - 20.30h (cocktail to 9pm)


Dr. Pierre Régibeau, Chief Economist
European Commission

By teleconference
In-person: Renaissance EU Hotel
Rue du Parnasse, 19
1050, Brussels
CPD:Accredited for 1.5 hours CPD (UK SRA)
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Dr. Pierre Régibeau started as DG COMP’s sixth Chief Competition Economist on 1 September 2019.

His background in academia and practice - a first for the CET - gives Dr. Régibeau a unique basis to assess the significant challenges for EU antitrust enforcement and policy over the next five years.

During her European Parliament hearing on 08 October, Executive Vice President-designate Margrethe Vestager confirmed that DG COMP is moving ahead with the reviews of the EU antitrust - including the VBER (verticals) and horizontal agreements regimes - , mergers and State aid rules.

These reviews build on the insights gained from studying how digitisation affects competition, including those set out in the April 2019 Special Advisers’ report.

On 10 October, the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg NCAs published a Joint Memorandum on the challenges faced by competition authorities in a digital world.

On 16 October, DG COMP took its first interim measures Decision in 18 years against chipset supplier Broadcom, a tool that reportedly could become more popular in Brussels.

Answering recent questions about her new dual enforcer and political mandate, Margrethe Vestager stressed the Chief Economist’s role in ensuring that all DG COMP’s Decisions stand up to potential appeals in the European Courts.

Against this background, Dr Régibeau has kindly agreed to participate in the first Europe-wide
'Chatham House rule' discussion since his appointment as Chief Economist, a pivotal role in the enforcement of the EU antitrust rules at the heart of the new European Commission’s digital and industrial strategy.

List of participants (updated 29 January)

Opening Statement by Margrethe Vestager at the European Parliament Hearing (08.10.11)

Report "Competition policy for the digital era” (04.04.19)

Joint memorandum of the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg competition authorities (10.10.19)

Commission imposes interim measures on Broadcom (16.10.19)

'Dealing with mergers in a digital age' M. Vestager, ULB Mardis de la Concurrence, Brussels (19.06.19)

'The Special Advisers’ report' C.Ritter / F. Cannizzaro, Brussels Matters (03.07.19)
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